Good HR plan reduce personnel cost but increase motivation.
Performance Review
We will create performance review program to evaluate job assignment and job responsibilities. Evaluator can fairly and easily evaluate his/her staff. Our program provides short descriptions of required ability and expected results as examples.
  Salary and Job Grade
Using our salary and grade program, money payment will ensure increase of labor productivity. We will provide not only salary table but also salary increase and promotional guide lines, various fund simulations which help HR manager to run the salary program easily.
  Company Regulations and Labor Agreement
We will create company regulations based on Indonesian labor laws and custom. It contains rules for employees' benefit and retirement allowance.
Labor agreement is an important company document which regulates employment relationship. We will provide labor agreement both for non-exempt employees who are entitled to receive overtime payment and exempt employees who do not receive overtime payment.
  Job Description
To clarify assignment of the employee is the starting point of performance evaluation for base up and bonuses. We will make job description corresponding to the various jobs in a company and be issued to each employee.