We support all for starting business in Indonesia.
Direct investment support for non-financial companies
Our support ranges from very beginning until implementation of operation including research & business planning, looking for JV partners, company establishment, various licenses (manufacturing, import , environment, master list), organization rules, roles and responsibilities, and authorization rules, SOP and HR program. We also support recruitment of employees.

After implementation of operation, we can provide monthly advisory service on various managerial matters.
  Support financial companeis' investment in Indonesia
Our support covers all necessary items including research & business planning, multi-finance company establishment, filing application for business license to Financial Supervisory Authority (OJK) and obtaining license. To obtain license, SOP, KYC guideline, IT systems, local employees must be well set as well as commissioners and directors must pass the FIT & PROPER Test. We support all of these at every level in cooperation with OJK and enable business to start quickly.

We also support commissioners and directors of the existing financial companies (banks, multi-finance companies, etc.) in filing application with OJK and to pass the test.